Their Vision

Every Los Angeles child should reach adulthood having experienced a safe, healthy and nurturing childhood which prepares him/her to become a responsible and contributing member of the community.

The Commission serves as an advocate and mechanism that facilitates and fosters internal coordination among city departments on policy, budgeting and programming issues relating to children, youth, and families. The Commission works to promote intergovernmental coordination and advocacy with federal, state, and county governments, school districts, and other cities. The Commission advises the Mayor and City Council on policy and legislative issues related to children, youth, and families.

Public Health

Since 1997, the Commission has led efforts in the City to ensure that children and families have access to affordable, quality health care coverage and services. The Commission works to increase awareness of the public health status of the City's children, youth, and families by establishing and maintaining cooperative working relationships with community agencies, public health groups and City and County departments.

Youth Council

Created in 1996, the youth council is composed of 14-19 year old City residents who represent each of the City Council districts. They serve as advocates of the City's youth by promoting existing City sponsored programs, identifying the need for new programs and activities, and by securing the appointment and involvement of young people into City governmental processes.

Public Education Advocacy & Public Research

The Commission works to improve the lives of children, youth and families through public policy, research, education and advocacy. They are dedicated to providing policy makers, City departments, and the general public with accurate and objective information on public policy issues affecting children, youth and families. The Commission strives to expand intergovernmental and community partnerships focused on policy and data development, program coordination, public education and collective action to ensure better outcomes for children, youth, and families in Los Angeles.

Child Care

In carrying out the City's Child Care Policy, the Commission is charged with providing the leadership that will enable the City to meet its child care needs. The Commission advises and makes child care recommendations to the Mayor and the City Council. Through internal and external collaborations, the Commission is involved in a wide range of activities that focus on building capacity, improving quality and increasing child care access for families. The Commission also acts as a resource to City residents and employees who need help finding child care information and services.

Neighborhood Networks4Kids

Neighborhood Networks4Kids is created with a vision to ensure that "every child and adolescent has something to do, someone to do it with, and a safe place to do it." The Networks focus on bringing together the public and private sectors to build a collaborative team approach to strengthen and create healthier neighborhoods. The focus is on increasing the utilization and coordination of city, county, school and community resources and facilities.